The Lodge

When frequency and flexibility are paramount for the use of hot tubs within your business, our Lodge range has all the answers. Designed specifically for the holiday park market, these spas can be used as both a freestanding or built in hot tub. So wherever you have the space, you know Lodge will blend in seamlessly. Each feature delivers constant efficiency and immediate use whilst ensuring the utmost hygiene and guaranteeing the easiest maintenance possible….resulting in an experience that becomes an asset to your business. 

• Hot tubs designed for the commercial market – from the drawing board to the efficient build and rigorous tests, each tub has heavy use in mind.
Quick Drain™ – in order for owners to have the quickest turnaround times, each hot tub is fitted with Quick Drain™ to speed up the process.
Holiday park operator ranges – temperature lock controls, in line chemical
Jacuzzi® quality – borne out of 60 years of knowledge.

Lodge Small

  • 185cm x 165cm x 90cm
  • Seats 3
  • 16 Jets
  • 2KW Heater
  • 16 Amp
  • ClearRay UV

Lodge Medium

  • 200cm x 185cm x 90cm
  • Seats 5
  • 20 Jets
  • 2KW Heater
  • 16 Amp
  • ClearRay UV

Lodge Large

  • 223cm x 211cm x 90cm
  • Seats 6
  • 24 Jets
  • 3KW Heater
  • 20 Amp
  • ClearRay UV