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Ocea Pool Covers

A fully automatic Ocea cover is an invaluable tool to further your swimming pool experience.

You are sure to utilise your pool in a variety of different situations, all of which an Ocea cover will enhance. Their seamless designs, coupled with their elegant floating plastic slats, provide a most convenient and beautiful cover solution. At the turn of a key, the cover silently floats over the pool surface either retracting into a hidden cover recess or unfurling gently across the pool.

All Ocea covers add another layer of security to your swimming pool environment by providing a natural barrier to the water surface. The slats themselves are buoyant, meaning they can withstand up to 80N/m² and the system itself is operated with the use of a key switch that can be removed for your convenience – meaning that the pool can be kept out of operation when necessary.

They also provide an excludable surface on the top of the pool, preventing 95% of water evaporation which can be a costly problem as it changes the concentration of pool chemicals. In addition to this, evapoartion contributes significantly to heat loss (85%) and these together are two of the most expensive pool maintenance issues. Water evaporation is an even more significant issue when considering an indoor pool, as you need to consider air humidity and temperature control.

For over two decades Ocea has seen the benefit of utilising the slatted cover system as a heating source by harnessing energy from the sun. They continue to refine their solar technology, using superior materials and processes, providing the most effective energy saving and environmentally friendly method of heating your pool. Testament to their commitment to provide leading solar cover technology is the fact that 70% of their customers choose a solar cover option.


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