Automatic Pool Covers

A fully automatic Ocea cover is an invaluable tool to further your swimming pool experience.

The seamless design, coupled with their elegant floating plastic slats, provide a sleek and beautiful cover solution. At the turn of a key, the cover silently floats over the pool surface either retracting into a hidden cover recess or unfurling gently across the pool.

Benefits of an Automatic Pool Cover

Solar Heating – By using solar technology, superior materials and processes, the cover provides you will the most effective energy saving and environmental friendly method of keeping the heat in your pool. 

Evaporation Reduction – Depending on the size of your pool you could lose 1 1/2 inches of water a week due to evaporation.  The intense heat during the day mixed with the cooler weather at night is the perfect recipe for evaportion.  An Ocea cover provides an excludable surface on the top of the pool, preventing 95% of water evaportion. 

Insulation – All Ocea covers provide a blanket insulation – U-Value of at most 3.5W/m2K. The low U-value gives you  the final energy saving technique.