Chlorilong® ULTIMATE 7

Chlorilong® ULTIMATE 7 is a two-phase chlorine tablet with 7 functions for an optimal and permanent disinfection of pool water and filter. 

The two phases of Chlorilong® ULTIMATE 7 have different functions: The bluepart decomposes in about 10 minutes and deposits on the filter bed of the sand filter. This cause an intensive disinfection of the filter material. Dirt and bacteria are thus safely removed. 

The white part of the tablet is slowly soluble and provides a permanent disinfection. 

The included Silk effect formula enhances the antiscale effect and ensure silky-smooth pool water. Without copper sulfate: prevents damage to the pool surface. 

Superflock Plus

With Superflock Plus, the pool water becomes quickly clear again. The special formula and the lanthanum contained in Superflock Plus reliably remove metal ions and phosphates, which are responsible for algae growth.  

Superflock Plus is a very efficient, solid flocculant in a cartridge containing flocculant tablets made of a high-quality fabric.  It works continuously to prevent turbid water. 

The carefully selected active ingredients dissolve very slowly in the water through the thick fabric and ensure long-lasting clear pool water. 

In addition, its exclusive formula removes metals: ideal for coloured water due to the presence of iron or copper on the water. Finally, Superflock Plus contains lanthanum, a very efficient agent against phosphates or algae growth. 

Soft & Easy

Soft & Easy is an easy and complete treatment in pre-dosed pouches. The granular blend based on active oxygen maintains the pool for a week, entirely without chlorine. Soft & Easy also prevents algae growth, limescale and makes the water even clearer thanks to the integrated clarifying effect. 

Soft & Easy is based on active oxygen. This treatment method is particularly gentle compared to chlorine. It oxidizes impurities and ensures an odourless and soft water. 

The Soft & Easy pouches have two parts: the first one contains active ingredients that oxidize all impurities while the second contains an algaecide and a clarifier. After complete dissolving of the granules, bathing can be resumed immediately. The simple soft and complete water treatment for a week!