Smart Lighting

There is a particular magic in the garden at twilight, when ponds, pools and favourite corners are illuminated. Thanks to the new HEISSNER Smart Lights, a complete networking of lights is possible. The entire lighting concept, regardless of whether it is over or under water, can be easily connected thanks to the 3m connection cable that each light has. 

The smart lighting system can be easily controlled via an app. 

A light system with endless possibilities – whether it be above or below water, pond or pool lights, integrated bottom lights, single or multi-colour – and all easy to control via the app or by remote control. 

Intelligent ambience. 

The easy way of installing - and its easy to extend!!

Each lamp has a Plus extension for the optional continuation in a series lights. You can expand the system as required. 

Add the power consumption (watt) of the individual lights and select the next stronger transformer from the assortment. Of course, there are also distributions and extension in the range of accessories. 

Deck lights and floor recessed spotlights have two cables (incoming / outgoing). thus, an extension during installation is very easy. 

Control sensors, timers or switches can be added to individual strands or main lines as you wish. 

Various forms of light installation

Universally applicable, thanks to many features!

  • Stand for standing submersed and above water.
  • Garden stake for a firm stand in the ground.
  • Wall / Base plate for screwing onto a stone or other underground. 
  • Pump mounting clamp for water features.