Bespoke Tiled Spas & Swimming Pools

The Mosaic Spa Company is an award-winning specialist in the design and manufacture of superior level bespoke GRP mosaic tiled spas and pools from their factory based in the East Riding of Yorkshire. 

Home to an ever-growing team of experts with over 70 years’ experience and knowledge across all spa building disciplines, The Mosaic Spa Company prides itself in offering their customers 4 vital components of service: 

  • Specialist across all fields of spa design and engineering at their disposal. 
  • Limitless options when it comes to design, size and configurations. 
  • Perfect product finish every time, made exactly to their customers requirements and within the agreed time frame. 
  • All of their spas and pools are manufactured to the highest quality in the UK with at least 90% of all materials UK sourced, which enable’s them to offer shorter lead times. 

Spa Ranges

Skimmer Spa – Skimmer/ Freeboard Spas use a skimmer system that works as filtration for the low lying water.

Deck – Level Spa – Deck Level / Overflow spas see the water level with the highest edge of the spa or overflowing into a channel around the spas edge. 

Hydrotherapy Spa – Hydrotherapy spas are designed to help with a therapeutic physiotherapy regime.  

Vitality Spa – Vitality spas offer a full body relaxation treatment through the use of various massage jets. 

Plunge Pool – Plunge pools tend to be smaller, cooler pools for regulating temperature after exercise or heat treatments. 

Swim Spa  – Swim Spas are fitted with counter current units and are often alternatives to full length swimming pools for keen swimmers.