Endless Pools SwimSpa Installation

Last week saw the first installation, for Cornwall Pools, of an Endless Pools SwimSpa, and it was an interesting job with a few fun obstacles.
The SwimSpa itself was the longest that Endless Pools make which doesn’t contain a separate spa section, it measures in at 17 ft long and weighs in at just under a ton.

Access was via a lane running down the side of the customers house and meant that the SwimSpa needed to be lifted over the garden wall, it was then moved across the garden on pipework, much like the Egyptians did when making the pyramids, until we reached the stream.

Next up was the spider crane, this is a fantastic piece of kit that is narrow enough to be driven in to the customers garden and allowed us to lift the SwimSpa across the stream and in to the pre-prepared hole. This was quite a task in itself as we only had and an inch of room either side of the SwimSpa to work with, but with the spider crane and a little army of engineers we made short work of it.

All in all it was an extremely successful installation and only took a morning, we cannot wait to install the next one, it really is a beautiful swimming machine and, once the building is completely finished, will be the envy of the Lizard!

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