Cornwall Pools & Newquay Garden Centre

Here at Cornwall pools we are really excited to have teamed up with Lisa and Mark at Newquay Garden Centre.  Like us they are an established family business, 60 years in fact, who are committed to offering the best service and value, from a large and knowledgeable team.

Since the middle of July they have had the fantastic Jacuzzi J235 on show in their outdoor section.  They have the perfect set-up which gives you a great idea of how a Jacuzzi could look in your own back garden, as well as a fantastic range of garden accessories that will accompany your new hot tub beautifully.

They have a huge range of products and accessories for the home and garden, and now they have a beautiful Jacuzzi hot tub, what more could you want?

The garden centre is in Quintrell Downs just outside of Newquay so pay them a visit and get your garden ready for late summer and autumn when you could be relaxing in a brand new Jacuzzi hot tub in your own back garden.