Jacuzzi Sasha & City Spa

Launching the Jacuzzi Sasha 2.0 and Sasha Mi & City Spa

Always looking to bring quality wellness products to their audience Jacuzzi have launched two new products that Cornwall Pools are really excited to be able to offer to both commercial and residential customers.

First up are the Sasha and Sasha Mi, with these wellness suites Jacuzzi have made it possible for almost anyone to have a spa in their own home or business.

The Sasha 2.0 fits an emotional shower, sauna and steam bath in to just 8 square metres with all the modularity beautifully presented in Corian, this extraordinary material is more resistant to water and to high temperatures and is featured in the surrounding frame as well as the panelling, the bench, the hammam basin and the floor.

Sasha 2.0 also features an interior Bluetooth stereo system and offers the possibility of choosing between silk-screen printed or etched glass panels.
The controls are accessed by means of a user-friendly touch screen panel but the Sasha 2.0 can also be controlled from a distance thanks to the remote control that allows you to programme and start the sauna and hammam functions by means of a computer or a smartphone so that they are ready to use when you arrive.

The Sasha Mi offers you the ultimate wellness centre in just 3 sq meters and is designed for use in the home but with a truly professional performance.
Sasha Mi offers you a state of the art Sauna with multiple settings, whilst the steam and emotional shower enclosure offers you the advantage of a Hammam Steam Room in combination with wonderful showering experience.
Finished in the highest quality materials the Sasha Mi gives you a wellness centre that looks simply stunning.
Next is the Jacuzzi City Spa where relaxation, comfort and intimacy in the comfort of your home are the promises that Jacuzzi makes with its latest wellness unit.
The City Spa is a new dimension in wellness that you can enjoy anywhere but encompassing a cutting edge style most associated with the city.

The high quality of the materials, maximum internal comfort, fine finishes and soft, simple lines make the City Spa a perfect furnishing feature for any space and setting and is suitable for all styles of home or business. In fact, the new Jacuzzi unit can be personalised through the various colours of the shell (white, pearlescent silver, and pearlescent ocean) and by choosing from 2 different panel finishes, in teak coloured wood or synthetic wood, to give you an even more exclusive experience.

City Spa is a home wellness experience that is able to relax the body and soul, with 20 jets in all, a user-friendly control panel, multicolour LED system and optional sound system where you can immerse yourself and drift off in to a multi-sensory experience within the privacy of your own home.

This is an exciting new range that can transform any business or home in to it’s own spa and here at Cornwall Pools we are really excited to bring this revolution in wellness direct to you.

Pop in to the showroom in Indian Queens or call us on 01726 860866.