Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi® Brand is an icon. Legendary for performance, reliability and ease of use, Jacuzzi® set the standard by which all hot tubs are measured. While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, only 60 years of innovation can produce hot tub designs made to the demanding standard of the Jacuzzi® Brand. Jacuzzi® were the first to highly engineer jets, the Jacuzzi® Brands has become synonymous with jetted hydrotherapy, well-being and performance. 


More jets do not equal a better hydromassage, but the right jets do. Jacuzzi® Brand hydromassage utilises the Aqualibruim® formula – the perfect mix of air and water – to deliver a jetted massage that reduces stress and lower back pain, improves sleep and post exercise recovery, and alleviates restless leg syndrome, cramps, arthritis and fibromyalgia, improving your overall wellbeing. As simple as enjoying a cup of coffee, a regular hydromassage routine can be more beneficial than you realise. 

Ergonomic Seating

Seats designed to follow the contours of the body and recessed jets placed to perfectly match the muscle structure of the human form delivers a comfortable, premium hydromassage experience for most body types. 


Complete Balance

Using the ® Formula, each jet is individually calibrated to deliver the perfect balance of air and water, then precisely paired with the exact pump-to-jet needed to ensure a balances experience in each and every seat. 


CLEARRAY® Water Management System

Sophisticated yet simple, our water management system is designed to work alongside Jacuzzi® genuine parts for ease of use and exceptional performance. Utilising CLEARRAY®UV-C technology, and up to five stags of water arrangement, simply put, Jacuzzi® Brand technology makes it easy to maintain clean and clear water.  

CLEARRAY® UV-C technology uses nature inspired technology to neutralise pathogens and works with traditional chlorine or bromine sanitiser for sensitive skin. this same technology is used on bottled drinking water, aquariums and hospitals. 

Jacuzzi® Range