Ideal for intensive use, it is designed for small to medium sized hotels and day spas that offer wet/heat experiences. Fuss free installation and simple to use, Enjoy offers all the prestige and exclusivity of the genuine Jacuzzi® brand. Available as a built in hot tub, with plenty of room thanks to clever ergonomics and the use of an overflow grid, you will find that Enjoy expresses the ultimate in contemporary design in a perfect synthesis of uniqueness and functionality. The 6 seats have been designed to deliver the genuine Jacuzzi® wellness path involving all the muscles and ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Enjoy: take the path to 5 star wellness.

250 x 250 x 98 cm
6 People
6 seats (1 lounge)
1 speed pump
18 jets
Multi-colour light system
Circulation pump
Spa pack and booster kit
Ozone generator (optional)
External grid
Automatic water refilling
Complete Drain
Insulating cover
Overflow rim
Single-phase Spa Pack with heater (optional)
Single-phase Spa Pack without heater (optional)
Single-phase Spa Pack with heat exchanger (optional)
Compensation Tank (standard or lowered – optional)