Delos offers 4 large seats, including a lounge, fitted with adjustable Power Pro® jets, the jets are ergonomically located to create a circuit that becomes increasingly more intensive and that efficiently massages all body areas. Its soft shapes, its minimalist design and the high performances set Delos in a class of its own as does its great interior liveability, its customisable panelling and its very accurate finishes. The Clear Ray® technology, waterfall, Multicolor Light system and the audio system with MP3 reader and Bluetooth technology complete its features.

215 x 190 x 80 cm
4 People
4 seats (1 lounge)
16 jets
White underwater light
LED control panel
ClearRay™ Water Purification System (optional)
Headrest (optional)
Pillow – optional
Winter Pro Kit
Spa Pack Performance (optional)
2 speed pump
Complete Drain